Bloomington, Indiana Drone Photography

I’m a Bloomington, Indiana-based drone pilot licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct commercial sUAS (drone) flights.

Flight restrictions

Bloomington airspace map

Drone flights within the shaded areas above require an airspace authorization from the FAA. Requests for authorizations can take up to 90 days to be granted or denied.

The unshaded area is uncontrolled, Class G airspace. Within these areas a drone is limited to:

  • 400 feet above ground level
  • Daylight flights only
  • No flights directly over a person who is not under a safe cover (structure or vehicle)
  • Within the visual line-of-sight of the pilot
  • 500 feet below, 2,000 feet horizontally from clouds

The FAA may waive some of the limitations listed above, but as is the case with the airspace authorizations it may take months to receive a response.

Book me

Rates vary depending on scope of flight(s) so please contact me for a specific quote via phone at 765.744.0865 or via email.