Saturday, August 28, 2010

Texas through a plastic lens

During my summer internship in Austin, I carried a loaded Holga with me in my car to most of my assignments. Whenever I saw something weird or interesting, I shot a few frames with the plastic camera. I also used it whenever I had the urge to take touristy photos while I was in Texas. Today I picked up the last roll from my trip after having it processed here in Peoria. I know the Holga is thought of as a trendy hipster camera, but I like to use it to get back to basics. You can’t chimp on a Holga, and you have to understand exposures to use the thing. It’s the photographic equivalent of recording an album on a 4-track.

(Click on a thumbnail below to view a larger image.)

Austin, TexasAustin, TexasDripping Springs, TexasDripping Springs, TexasAustin, TexasAustin, TexasAustin, TexasAustin, TexasAustin, TexasAustin, TexasLockhart, TexasAustin, Texas

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2 comments on “Texas through a plastic lens”

  1. Rick says:

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  2. LARRY says:

    freakin’ beautiful.

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