Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Indiana University’s Old Crescent

For the past year, I have been working from time to time on an Instagram project capturing details and scenes from Indiana University’s Old Crescent. The Old Crescent is the historical core of IU Bloomington and home to several of the most iconic scenes on campus. Despite this, it has in recent decades become home to mostly administrative offices as many of the students take classes elsewhere on campus. IU President Michael McRobbie stressed the importance of the Old Crescent in his 2010 State of the University Address:

Whether we intend it or not, our buildings reflect our values. The Old Crescent should be among the main academic centers on campus and a vibrant hub of student and academic life and activity, day and night.

Since his address, IU has restored some vigor to the area of campus through a series of renovations allowing classrooms and departments to move back into the historic buildings. As an alumnus and a fan of the university’s incredible limestone structures, it’s fascinating to watch the revitalization of the Old Crescent. I rarely frequented the area as a student so I’ve made an effort over the past year to take Instagram walks through the Old Crescent whenever I have an opportunity.

IU logos carved into limestone are seen at the main entrance of the Student Building. The architectural firm Vonnegut & Bohn from Indianapolis designed the building. Firm co-founder Bernard Vonnegut is the grandfather of writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The building was built in 1905.Evening light on the @iubloomington Sample Gates earlier this evening. It was a very quiet day on Kirkwood and campus because of spring break.Student Building on the @iubloomington campus.Maxwell HallKirkwood HallFranklin Hall, future home of @iumediaschool. Above the door it reads: Franklin HallKirkwood HallSunset illuminates the @iubloomington Student Building as seen through the Sample Gates.

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  1. Mary Spohn says:

    I love these, James. Glad you are doing this!

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