Monday, February 26, 2018

Indiana University’s Old Crescent

I have been fascinated with the Old Crescent ever since I started working for Indiana University. It is the oldest part of campus and an area I tend to frequent often since it is near my office. In the past several years, the university administration has prioritized the reinvigoration of this corner of the IU Bloomington campus. For decades, the old limestone buildings housed primarily administrative offices. In recent years, however, these buildings have been gradually renovated and converted back into classroom buildings. The result is a more student-centric area of campus. This project is one that I tend to focus on more in winter and early spring when my daily work for the university slows. I try to shoot it using a historical aesthetic with an emphasis on the details and textures I find on my frequent jaunts through this beautiful part of campus.

Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.Instagram photo by @jamesbrosher.

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