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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

West Baden Springs Hotel

Back in March I had a free half an hour to meander around the grounds of the historic West Baden Springs Hotel with my Rolleiflex before a photo shoot. The first time I visited the hotel as a child, I remember having to sign a waiver because the structure was in such disrepair that it was on the verge of collapse. Fast forward a couple decades later and it is great to see the hotel renovated and serving as a resort once again.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Indiana University Olympic medalist swimmers

Back in August, I photographed a few of Indiana University’s Olympic swimmers after they returned home from the Rio games. I had the opportunity to shoot their portraits for IU social media after a media day availability. Our social media folks were looking for standard shots of each of them holding their medals. After I got that specific shot with each swimmer, I quickly shifted and shot these portraits. I don’t believe they’ve been used before, but it’s an example of shooting something for yourself after you’ve got “the shot” at a shoot. For better or worse, I use a very similar lighting setup on most of my portraits. This setup was an attempt to break out of that. I hung an octabox directly above the subjects and lit them primarily while standing in front of a mostly-collapsed umbrella to try to mimic a ring flash look.

(Click on an image below to view a larger version.)

Blake Pieroni

Blake Pieroni, USA

Lilly King

Lilly King, USA

Kennedy Goss

Kennedy Goss, Canada

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